2019 Conference


Conference of Associated Lay Ministers
2019 Lutheran Staff Association Conference


March 10-13, 2019
Lutherhaven – Coeur d’LutherhavenAlene, Idaho
Boundaries (the good, healthy kind)

Info on Our Speaker:
Janine Goodrich is a co-pastor with her husband, Matt, at American Lutheran Church in Newport, WA.  They have been in Newport for 13 years, raising their 2 daughters, Kari (17) and Lia (14), and enjoying ministry with the church and community. Janine grew up in the church – her father was a pastor and her mom served over the years as a parish worker, church secretary, education coordinator, and parish bookkeeper.  Her mom actually served longer than her father in the ministry of the church…racking up over 50 years in lay parish ministry, so Janine has a deep respect for the lay ministries of the church. Janine has been a boundaries trainer for the Eastern Washington Idaho Synod for 22 years.
Our Topic is Boundaries:
In a political climate that is all about building walls to keep people out, we might wonder what the church means when it talks about boundaries. We know that Jesus was always more interested in breaking down walls between people rather than building them…breaking down the hostilities that divide us (Ephesians 2).  The problem is, sometimes under the guise of “breaking down walls”, we can overrun people with our agendas and ideas, in intimate ways and communal ways. Too often, people in churches have been hurt by pastors or other leaders who have trampled through their lives in ways that have had lasting damage.  None of us want to see that happen. So when we talk about boundaries, we aren’t talking about shutting people out…but rather about making sure we respect one another, protect the vulnerable, and keep ourselves healthy and sane. All of us, as members and workers in our individual churches, can help encourage healthy boundaries in our ministries

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