What is LSA?

Lutheran Staff Association (LSA) is a group of non-clergy staff serving congregations, agencies and in specialized settings. All denominations are welcome to join us!

LSA promotes individual development for non-clergy staff. We provide opportunities for education, inspiration, training, and networking for mutual support to our members.

Our membership is drawn from congregations and agencies in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. We are funded by membership dues, judicatory support, and donations.

In the early part of each year we hold a 4-day conference to provide you with opportunities to learn and laugh, sing and pray, grow in faith and connect with others working in similar ministries.

Many congregations provide continuing education funds for their non-clergy staff so they can attend the L.S.A. conference annually. Your own spiritual growth as well as the ministry of your church or agency will be enhanced by your participation in this event.


Who can be a part of LSA?

Lutheran Staff Association is an organization for lay ministers. So, who are lay ministers?

Lay ministers are non-clergy staff members of Christian congregations, agencies or organizations. This might include any of the following positions:

Administrative Assistant

Office Assistant


Parish Worker


Communications Specialist


Parish Administrator

Volunteer Coordinator

Newsletter Editor

Director of Family Ministries

Director of Christian Education

Director of Youth Ministries 

Director of Music Ministries 


Choir Director

Or they may have a completely unique title

…or no title